Friday, November 19, 2010

Makes Me Happy Collection {Winner!!!}

Congratulations Lorell!  Email me at and I will send over your goodies!
Thank you to all who participated! ;)  Loved your comments...for my family it is all about the stuffing.  We have the same recipe that we've used for as long as I can remember...we love it, we crave it, we eat some of it before its even done, we make enough to feed 4 families, we put it on a pedestal, and we snub our noses at all others.  Oh that memory inducing, untopable smell of celery & onions cooking in butter...we should all cook things in butter much more often.


1 comment:

  1. Wow...thanks, Ashley! I'm thrilled to win some of your digital goodies...8-) I love what you said about the stuffing and snubbing your noses at other stuffings...:D I guess there's no stuffing from a box at your house...LOL! I'll email you shortly.


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