Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ho Ho Holidays...

Knock that thing working? Can Christmas really be sneaking up on us so quickly! As busy as this season will be, I am seriously looking forward to spending this wonderful season with friends and family. The seasonal cheer is already creeping into our home via our favorite Christmas CD's, hot chocolate with candy canes, and roaring fires. This the time of year to indulge in the things that make you happy...for me that will be making the season as memorable as possible for my girls, with the bonus that I get to record all that good stuff as well!

This year I am keeping a Christmas 2011 notebook to have around for jotting down all the things I want to be sure to scrapbook. The notebook has an envelope inside as well for storing small pieces of memorabilia for a mini album project I have in mind (handy right?). Looking forward to finishing the year off with a nice stack of Holiday layouts displaying, what I hope will be, lots of smiles, traditions, and baking. Hope your enjoying the beginning of the season friends!

If your already in the holiday spirit, here is a shabby little Christmas Collection from me. Vintage Yueletide is a re-vamped version of a recently retired holiday collab with Cat Scrap designer Roben-Marie. Be sure to check your stash before purchasing!

Vintage Yuletide is perfect for expressing the warmth behind those heartfelt Holiday photos. A cozy collection of shabby, vintage, and hand drawn pieces await you. Rich, worn, papers blend flawlessly with elegant word art, doodles, snowflakes and even more traditional holiday pieces hanging, tied and stitched to shabby perfection.

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